Dennis Hopkins- Executive english

Dennis Hopkins- Executive english

Träffa Dennis, en av våra samarbetspartners!

Dog-whistle politics? Post-truth era? Dennis samarbetar med oss under några av våra engelska skribent- och copywritinguppdrag.

As a native English communications consultant it’s my job to know what these new words mean, so my clients can use them (or completely avoid them!). I work as a copywriter, proofreader and business English trainer for multi-national companies in Sweden like Skanska, Nordea, Blåkläder and Länsförsäkringar. Using creative and nuanced language I help companies like these find a fresh, modern style and tone for content such as websites, brand books, presentations and press releases.

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Back in the day

- a reminder of English language education from Swedish TV in the 1970s